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WordPress 4.8 Generic Fixes


WordPress 4.8 Generic Fixes

It is possible that WordPress 4.8 update may seem to break your website. We have already discussed the most common issues reported with this update. If your issue is not listed here or not even reported on then you need to be cautious before you proceed. Update the plugins and themes, clear the browser’s cache and cookies etc. Then try a login into the WordPress dashboard. If that does not work you can try these generic fixes.

  • Flushing any caching plugins

Tyr flushing any caching plugins you use, and the server and the browser caches. You can also clear all op cache or content network cache such as Cloud flare. This will resolve many JavaScript issues.

  • Flushing Managed host caches

If you are using managed WordPress hosting, then you might need to clear the special caches. Try a “Purge Varnish” or “Flush Memcache” tool if available for your host. You can also ask your provider do it for you.

  • Troubleshooting with your browser

The browser can help identify JavaScript issues or conflicts and Visual Editor issues as well. When the issue is identified, you can look for solutions on the forum.

  • Deactivating all plugins

You can deactivate all plugins and if this works, re-activate the plugins one at a time till you find the problematic plugins. If you are unable to get to the admin dashboard, you can try to reset the plugins folder by SFTP/FTP or PhpMyAdmin.

  • Switching to the Twenty Sixteen theme

You can try to switch to the default Twenty Sixteen theme to rule out custom theme-specific problems. If you are unable to log into the dashboard, you can use SFTP/FTP to delete all the theme folders except the Twenty Sixteen theme folder. This would ensure that the Twenty Sixteen theme is loaded.

  • Manually upgrading

When nothing works, download the file of WordPress 4.8 update and try a Manual upgrade using the Manual Update directions.

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